Titan has a very advanced nozzle geometry, specifically designed to reduce wear, and allow for a better, more consistent flow.

It was designed using state of the art  computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations.

Custom tooling was made to allow for consistent, precise results with an excellent surface finish.

The design process of the internal nozzle geometry was focused on allowing a turbulence and resistance free flow of plastic trough the nozzle.

The shape allows for an optimal heat transfer to the core of the melting filament, reducing the time the filament takes to melt, thus allowing for faster prints. This characteristic has also shown promising results with flexible filaments.

In Titan’s geometry, there are no sharp edges to be worn down excessively by pigments or other particles present in filaments.

With the correct temperature, print speed and retraction settings, Titan allows for an especially
stringing free printing behavior.

Prints faster

The flow optimised geometry allows plastic to melt easier and to flow with less resistance

Lasts longer

The flow optimised geometry gives the plastic less resistance, reducing wear

clogs less

The flow optimised geometry reduces the chances of contaminents getting stuck, reducing the chances of a clog

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