Titan nozzle preorder

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Titan nozzle preorder

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Preorder – price of 25$ due once product is ready

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm


Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

Rated for all FDM materials up to 500°C

By preordering you agree to purchase the titan nozzle for 25$ plus shipping once it's ready to be delivered.

Product lead time is currently unknown. We will initiate the production process once a total of 100 preorders is reached.

Please read and understand the preorder agreement before before placing your preorder.

Here you can find the shipping cost for your location

Note that these nozzles might not receive the surface treatments!

Filament diameter

1.75mm, 2.85mm

Nozzle size



Anet A8, Creality CR10, E3D Chimera hotend, E3D Kraken, Ender 3 (pro), Hexagon, Lulzbot TaAZ 5, 6 and mini, Makerbot replicator, Prusa i3 and mini, Ultimaker 2+, V5 + V4 style hotends, V6 style hotends


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Probably the most advanced 3d printer nozzle

Advanced geometry

Our advanced nozzle geometry makes your titan nozzle last longer, clog less and allows for faster printing. It was designed using state of the art flow simulations.

Better material

Our special titanium molybdenum alloy allows for less wear while having a better thermal conductivity than hardened steel or even brass.

Advanced coating

Our nozzles get a special surface treatment further increasing their hardness followed by a wear resistant anti-stick coating, reducing wear and allowing for faster, cleaner printing.


The Titan nozzle has been developed over the course of 3 years. Multiple materials, coatings, treatments and geometry variations have been tried.

A more extensive gallery will be available shortly.

An early prototype of the titan nozzle


This is a non exhaustive list of compatible hotends. Note that we can’t guarantee the compatibility in case of modifications or changes on the hotend manufacturer’s side.

1.75mm filament variant

  • Prusa i3
  • Prusa mini
  • Makerbot replicator

2.85mm filament variant

  •  Ultimaker 2+ and older Ultimakers with the Olsson block upgrade
  • Lulzbot TAZ 5 + 6
  • Lulzbot mini

Both, depending on the hotend size

  • V6 style hotends
  • V4 and V5 style hotends
  • Hexagon
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